iRLPD Moisture Damage Test
(incremental Repeated Load Permanent Deformation)

  • Sample size: SCB 150-mm x 50-mm
  • Applies incremental repeated load before, during, and after conditioning
  • Determines minimum strain rate (m*)
  • Test Temperature: 25°C
  • Moisture damage is determined by the ratio of m* (after to before).
  • m* ratio >1.5 indicates moisture susceptibility


  • Damage is caused by pore pressure, which is related to field
  • Higher precision since same specimens used before and after
  • Sample preparation and testing time is reduced by 80%
  • Total conditioning and testing time is 4 hours
  • Better assessment of moisture resistance by using smaller sample size
  • Verified with moisture susceptible and moisture resistant mixtures


Azari H., Mohseni A., (2013), “Improvement of the Test Method for Determining Moisture Damage Resistance”, Multi-Scale Modeling and Characterization of Infrastructure Materials, RILEM Book Series,Vol 8. Springer, Dordrecht

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