UPTiM Software

Features of UPTiM Software
  • User friendly
  • Fully automated
  • For testing original and PAV asphalt, extracted binders, and composite mastic
  • Performs low-temperature, intermediate-temperature, and high-temperature tests
  • Contains data viewer, provides reports and graphs

UPTiM Testing System

This system consists of a mechanical ball bearing based Modular Compact Rheometer (MCR 72) and the intuitive RheoCompass software in combination with the unique UPTiM software from/developed by Pavement Systems, LLC that provides quick and reliable measurements of low- and high- temperature PG, as well as intermediate-temperate fatigue properties of liquid binder and composite mastic.

UPTiM Setup

  • Rheometer:  Modular Compact Rheometer MCR 72
  • Accessories: Peltier controlled lower plate (P-PTD200/AIR/18P) and active Peltier controlled hood (H-PTD 200/AIR/18P)
  • Measuring geometry: Parallel plate PP08 (Ø 8 mm)
  • Temperature Calibration Set according to AASHTO T315
  • RheoCompass software (from Anton Paar)
  • UPTiM software (from Pavement Systems, LLC)
UPTiM Software Requirements:
  • RheoCompass software (from Anton Paar)
  • Internet connection

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