UPTiM Binder Tests on Rheometer

incremental Creep for Cracking at Low Temperatures (iCCL) determines binder resistance to thermal cracking, estimates continuous low-temperature grade, (comparable to BBR) and determines effect of modifiers on low-temperature properties.

Fatigue at Intermediate Temperature for Binder (FIT-B) determines binder fatigue resistance at intermediate-temperature. It is used to rank binders based on ductility and to determine the effect of REOB and PPA on binder durability.

Determines binder resistance to rutting and provides high-temperature PG, comparable to ASTM D7643. Can be used to determine the presence of polymer in binder.

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Features of UPTiM Binder Tests:
  1. Software: All test calculations are performed by the unique UPTiM software.
  2. Auto-Trim Sample Mounting: UPTiM software uses a patented technology called AutoTrim to automatically mount binder samples to a perfect shape, as specified in AASHTO T 315, without the need for manual trimming.
  3. Minimal Cleaning: Easy cleaning – no organic solvent is required.
  4. UPTiM is a Green Technology: Encourages use of recycled materials. Can be used for quick testing of small amount of extracted binder to determine the effect of recycled materials.
Benefits of UPTiM Binder Tests:
  • Continuous Performance Grading (PG) of asphalt binder
  • Significant saving in testing time, effort, and cost
  • Fully automated/user friendly testing procedure
  • Quick and reliable screening tool for QA/QC
  • Minimal technician training required
  • Reliable/affordable testing device
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved accuracy
  • Enhanced safety
UPTiM uses Anton Paar’s MCR 72 Rheometer. Click here for more information.
MCR 72 and UPTiM Software Interface
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