FIT-C: Composite Mastic Fatigue
(Fatigue at Intermediate Temperature for Composite Binder)

  • Determines cracking resistance of asphalt mixture
  • Conducted using Temperature Sweep and Pulse Load
  • Provides two parameters at the same time: Intermediate Temperature (IT) and fatigue index (FI)
  • Can determine effects of RAP, RAS, REOB, PPA, and Polymers
  • Automated testing process, which takes less than 30 minutes


  • correlates with the ALF Passes to Failure (above)
  • correlates with Mixture Fatigue (below graph)
  • CB could be tested for fatigue in place of testing mixture
  • Provides estimate of allowable traffic before cracking


Azari, H., & Mohseni, A., 2019, â€œUnified Fatigue Tests for Asphalt Materials using incremental Repeated-Load Permanent Deformation (iRLPD) Methodology,” ASCE International Airfield and Highway Pavements Conference

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