iCCL Binder Low-Temperature Test

(incremental Creep for Cracking at Low temperatures)

Emulates continuous low-temperature performance grade (PG꜀). Other features include:

  • Provides the same Low-Temperature PG as BBR
  • Performed on original/PAV asphalt and extracted binder
  • Needs 30 mg of binder that is easily mounted
  • Ideal for small quantity of extracted binder
  • No need for molding and de-molding
  • A quick screening tool for QA/QC
  • Significantly faster, safer, more reliable and less costly.
  • Provides results with three times higher precision than BBR


Mohseni, A., & Azari, H., 2019, “Quick Asphalt Binder Low-Temperature PG Determination Using DSR,” ASCE International Airfield and Highway Pavements Conference

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